Back in the saddle

West opens the new year with the Back to School Bash

The Back to School Bash took place at West High on August 24th for the 2018-2019 School Year. Targeting Freshmen, it is an event to welcome them and invite upperclassmen to help them settle into the school.

We interviewed a couple people who attended the Bash and asked them to share what the event is about. Ian Wanger, who is a graduate from last year, said “It’s basically a party for Freshmen that helps them get more comfortable and give a chance for people to come out. It is an all-around friendly environment.”

“The Back to School Bash is a really really fun thing that everybody comes to every year,” Crystal See said.

There are a lot of fun activities that occur at the Back to School Bash. Serenity Hickman summed it up and said, “There was swimming, a movie, video games, board games, and then there was karaoke. It was all mixed together in one and I think people put it together pretty well.”

We then asked how significant the Bash was for them and incoming Freshmen. Crystal said, “The Bash is really really significant for Freshmen because it introduces them to upperclassmen and they can find friends easier.”

Coming from Texas, Serenity stated, “I would say 9 out of 10. I mean, pools and stuff like that, we don’t have that where I’m from. It’s pretty new and exciting, for me at least.”

“The Bash is pretty significant because if you don’t know a lot of people, then it’s your chance to meet more people that are not in your grade, or just in your grade,” Jordyn Bailey shared. During the Bash for her Freshman year, Zoe Stringer said, “I did meet some new people and we started hanging out. They became my friends.”

Overall, the Back to School Bash is a positive experience for everyone and can be the start of new, long lasting friendships.

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