Mass Shootings: A Rising Concern

One of the latest in a long string of mass shootings took place on Sunday, August 26th, in Jacksonville Landing, Florida. David Katz, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland bought two guns, one with a laser sight attached, to injure nine and murder three, making it the two hundred and thirty-fourth mass shooting this year. As of August 26th, 234 different people took a gun and used it to hurt and kill people. According to the Gun Violence Archive in Washington, D.C., as of October 3rd, there has been 43,687 gun related incidents, 27 of which were mass shootings, 11,084 of which resulted in death and 21,583 in injury. Those killed include 508 children and 2,155 teenagers. 1,641 were shot or killed by police, and 224 officers were shot or killed.

According to CNN, Katz, hereby known as Shooter #234 had been committed to mental health facilities multiple times, but was still legally allowed to buy a pair of handguns in Baltimore, Maryland.

These shootings serve as a reminder and a warning that unless a change is made, the number of victims will continue to rise.


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