Last Hoorah!

The class of 2019 were undefeated this year after winning all four of the pep assemblies. Their legacy began in 2015 when they became the first freshmen to ever win the spirit sick in a pep assembly.

Before the end of each pep assembly, each graduating class competes for the famous spirit stick. The goal? Being the loudest class. Students craft their own noisemakers, ring cowbells, and scream to earn the title of winner of the spirit stick.

The class of 2019, however, holds the record for the most wins, with 11/13 total wins.

There are 16 pep rallies in one high school career, but due to the last pep rally being awarded to the senior class every year, it brings down the total chances of winning to 13 available pep rallies.

The class of 2019 won all four pep rallies their senior year, three their junior year, three their sophomore year, and one their freshman year.

The class sponsor, Ms. Wright is proud of the seniors, but she says their mark on the school is not finished. Their next, and final challenge is to take the record of the largest graduating class within the last 15 years.

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