student resources

Gear Up, Pando, CCC

Staff at West high are impacting and helping students move forward, they also help provide the students with the resources they need. 

 Programs like Gear up, CCC, and Pando help provide students with matters such as college enrollment, scholarship, and supplies that students need in order to be successful in the classroom. This allows students to take opportunities they might have thought weren’t available at first.

Gear up is a pre-college program, this program is through Wichita State University which is designed to increase the number of students who are prepared to enter and succeed in education throughout middle school and high school. Increasing academic performance, the rate of high school graduation. Preparation and financing are Gear Up’s main goals. 

While supporting students with resources for basic needs, attendance issues or behavioral problems, Pando helps students build a relationship among the student and their family. The program is free for any student who has trouble getting to school, lacks school supplies or other connections such as food or clothing. It’s also accessible to anyone who is interested in helping grow the Pando Garden, working hard for exciting rewards, or simply company. 

The CCC, College and Career Center, works with first and second generation college students. Every year is different, there’s a variety of ways they work to help the students understand when coming to school. CCC gives a sense of hope that there is a future for kids who may not know about the opportunities that are out there for them. Every school in Wichita has a college and career coordinator, their goal is regardless of what school you go to, you’re going to get the same type of services. 


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