The West High marching band performed at the yearly Band-O-Roma on monday November 4th, at South High School. 

Over the past few years the band has been improving, but according to band director Joanna Freed this has been one of their strongest years.

 “We had lots of people come up and just say that every single year we’re improving but our sound especially was really good this year.” said Mrs.Freed.

Though West wasn’t one of the first to perform, but having to see the other schools perform boosted up the energy in the band.

 “We had a lot more buy in from the kids, the energy was up so this was probably our most successful year at Band-O-Roma.” said Mrs. Freed.

This year was relied on Mrs. Freed’s section leaders for student motivation. They talked about being a positive leader and other as how to get buy in rather than coming down on a student for not doing what they’re supposed to do. 

“I thought that actually worked a lot better than it always coming from me.” said Mrs. Freed.


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