Mental Health, a concern in Wichita high schools

Places to turn for struggling Pioneers

In May at Southeast High School, a freshman student took their own life in the girls bathroom. 

Extra counselors were at the school starting May 13th, 2019 for help with grief and a candlelight vigil for the student was held on May 15th, 2019.   

“I think it’s tragic and heartbreaking” Said West High School Psychologist, Cara Hollimon

Hollimon explains that there is a big stigma with mental health. “A lot of times, kids feel like they’re doing something wrong if they’re having suicidal thoughts or depression.” She explained. “A lot of kids and adults, as well, try to manage it on their own and don’t seek out that support.”

Many schools in the Wichita school district have a zero tolerance rule for bullying. “I think schools have to take every incident into consideration.” Hollimon explains “A lot of times, there’s a lot to the story. It’s not just one incident or that sort of thing.”

At West there are resources for students who are having thoughts of self harm and staff members who want to help.There are also staff members who are here as advocates for students who need help. Below is a list of staff members students should talk to if they need help:

Cara Hollimon- E10E

Christine Osborne- E10D

Ashley Lyons- E3

Christie Ramsey- E3

Claudia Griffith- E6

Jill Terhune- D4

Angela Armstrong (West High Nurse)- E1

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