Senior point guard for the girls basketball team Kirah Stepps is a leader on the court who is admired by many of her teammates.

Sierra Campos, senior, believes that Kirah is a selfless player.

“She’s a great team leader she doesn’t have an ‘it’s just me’ mentality” Campos said.

Campos appreciates Kirah because she’s a person who always has her back.

“ You know she’ll always be there, if you make a mistake she’ll say some positive feedback” Campos said.

Julianna Turley, who is also a senior on the girls basketball team also appreciates Kirah’s positivity and her reliability.

“She’s very positive, She has a very good vision on the court … She’s just that person that you can go to” Turley said.

Before games Kirah is calm but when that first buzzer rings she is ready to step on the court.

“Before a game she still has those nice vibes, She’s chill listening to music but when come game time she’s ready to play” Turley Said

 Kirah’s teammates believe she is successful on and off the court. 

“One of the things about her is off the court she gets what she needs done, done. She is very positive, you never see her doubting anyone else.”  Adams said, “She always has a smile on her face and she makes everyone happy.”


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