Fans will be allowed to attend sporting events

On October 5th, 2020, the Wichita Public Schools Board of Education announced that they would be letting fans back into school stadiums with some restrictions in place. 

All spectators attending school sporting events must wear a mask and practice social distancing. They will also be required to answer screening questions before entering. Spectators will be expected to wear a mask and sit in groups of 4 or less.  Anyone not following these requirements will be kicked out and banned from future games. 

The school district will be issuing vouchers to limit crowds. High school students will be issued 4 vouchers and middle school students will be issued 2 vouchers per sporting event. 

The students that will be issued vouchers include Athletes, Cheerleaders, Band members and spectators. These vouchers will have to be purchased. Tickets for sporting events cannot be purchased without the issued voucher. Students can share these vouchers with their family. 

 The district will not allow student sections at school sporting events and all children attending the event must have a parent or guardian with them. 

Concession stands will not be open at sporting events, the district will allow spectators to bring unopened, non-alcoholic beverages but outside food will not be permitted. 

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