On-site Students to return 5 days a week starting March 29th

The Wichita School District decided unanimously to move forward with returning students who chose on-site learning at enrollment to school 5 days a week while keeping MySchool Remote for the rest of the year starting March 29th. The Kansas Department of Education has already indicated that remote learning will not be allowed next school year, 

At-large school board member, Sheryl Logan, moved to adopt the district’s recommendation, giving Superintendent Alicia Thompson the ability to adjust to changes as the school year concludes. Seconded by Ron Rosales. 

MySchoolRemote will not be offered next year, students who would like to attend school remotely next year may enroll for education imagine academy. 

For students who are remote but want to attend in-person, they can contact their school and adjust their enrollment plan, if they choose to.  

“When you think about the turnaround on a dime that we’ve had happen this year, where we had no plans at all, no one knew that there was a COVID pandemic coming, so I just wanted to emphasize and also go back and say that the children who are successful in MySchoolRemote, if they choose to come back, if their parents and they choose to come back on campus they can do that now, it’s not only the unsuccessful ones that we’re going to try to help.” says District 3 School board member, Ernestine Krehbiel 

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