One year of remote learning

On September 8, students started remote School, it would be different from the year before. The students adapted to the new learning environment called remote learning.

Remote learning introduces students to a lot of new learning opportunities and resources. Students and teachers both agree that there’s both advantages and disadvantages to remote learning.

“I find it easier to learn remotely, it’s more organized and it’s more motivating on a computer to go over homework and missing work rather than the in-person work.” says Sophomore Madison Florez
They’re a lot of challenges to remote learning, a few problems involve connection issues, getting a hold of teachers, and just having computer issues in general with OneDrive.

According to medical experts, remote learning can have a long term impact on the eyes. According to the American Journal of Ophthalmology, increased use of screens and devices during the COVID-19 pandemic could increase short-sightedness in school-age children. The National 4-H Council recently surveyed teens, and 70 percent of responding teens said they felt depressed, anxious, or stressed, 61 percent said the pandemic had caused them to feel lonely.

Due to lack of communication between students and teachers can sometimes delay the class.

Students might find that they are unable to work effectively in a team meeting because of distractions in the classroom or an unmuted microphone, making unnecessary sounds. Although in-person learning has its flaws, such as the new rules they have to adapt to due to COVID-19.

“Just dealing with everything got challenging because you can’t be too close to your friends, and everyone has to wear a mask all day.” Diego Benitez said. 


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