West High boys tennis 2021 making history

Esau Kates-Murguia helps the JV tennis players warm up before the GWAL JV tennis tournament at West.

West High Tennis team has had a historic season so far, specifically sophomore student Pedro Trevizo-Venzor.

Coach Tom Wilcox has been showing his hard work and dedication to the team with the outcomes of many matches. The team has had victory over Northwest, Heights 9-0, and made history with a 6-3 win over Kapaun , who West High tennis has never beaten before.Student Pedro Trevizo- Venzor has been creating waves throughout Kansas as only a sophomore. 

Pedro says “It all began in 7th grade when I was just wandering around the school… and I saw a coach and a tennis team practicing and he asked me if I wanted to hit some, I hit some and it seemed really fun to me…I put some effort in it and it became on of my favorite sports and this is how it turned out.” 

Being only a sophomore, others have an advantage over Trevizo-Venzor, but he isn’t bothered by it “It feels great it gives you some more competition, sometimes they beat me in some plays, but I get them back with it.”

Pedro, his teammates, as well as coach put in the hours and dedication to the team.practicing for approximately 7 hours a week. The team helps  and supports each other.

“You gotta work hard. just like I say to my coach, ‘one point at that time’” Trevizo-Venzor says 

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