West Fest

As an evening full of activities and games, West Fest was a huge success with major attendance. 

West Fest is an annual West High tradition where incoming students, current attendees, and parents go to have fun and interact with the West High community. 

Vice Principal, Christie Ramsey, showed her support for the large attendance.  

“I’m having a blast, it’s great weather and I love seeing all of our students out, and our future students and the community. The booths are going great, there’s lots of good food, there’s lots of games to play so it’s been a lot of fun,” Ramsey said. “Last year was really low attendance and low participation just because of COVID, and the year before that we had to cancel it. So this one is 30 times better, but it is also I think one of the biggest ones we’ve had, and I’ve been here for 17 years. So that’s saying a lot.” 

Some of the participating booths at West Fest gathered money to fund each of the program’s needs. 

“We’re selling popsicles and water, and the Sophomores are selling chips and coke,” Alejandra Ochoa said. “The money goes to us (AVID) going on field trips to colleges. We’re thinking about going out of state, probably Colorado.” 

One booth, in particular, belonged to Senior Kimberly Rader, who was promoting her Senior Project, the West High Community Fridge. 

“So mine is the West High Community Fridge. I just started it this year, and it’s my senior project. It was set up last week, and the shelf was set up last week too. Anyone can donate to it, and the only people that can take from the fridge are West High students and staff members,” Rader said. “West High is a lower-income school, so many students face food insecurity, and a lot of times we don’t think about that, and it affects how we perform in school. This could really help fight food insecurity by reducing food waste and also making sure students are fed. Monetary donations and all proceeds benefit the West High Community Fridge, so it’ll be used for groceries.” 

Later in the event, it was announced that Seniors Alicia Reyes and Kate Kelly won the Pioneer Alumni Association Scholarship. 

“I feel very proud of myself, I know I worked hard on the essay that I wrote,  and I feel really proud of myself for accomplishing this,” Reyes said. “I was honestly a little surprised because I wasn’t expecting it. I know a lot of people also applied for it.” 

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