Students in-costume, on a stage lining up for their final bows.

Mysterious and Spooky

West high theatre program puts on Addam’s Family for fall musical

By: Nevaeya Lotches, Allison Gesaman and Aubrey Winegarner

After six years without a musical production, the West High Theatre Department performed their rendition of The Addams Family on October 27th and October 28th. Last school year, students decided to put on a musical production alongside Debate and Theater Teacher Melisa Wingfield and Choir Teacher Tucker Tasker, to start off the 2023-2024 school year.

Many people helped bring this musical to life, from the backstage crew, to the performers.

“Well, Mr. Tasker is taking care of the choir part so that was very helpful because I can’t sing and the kids have been great at stepping up when we’ve run into struggles and takingleadership and it’s not been super challenging.” Wingfield the director said.

Chastity McDougald auditioned for three different roles; Morticia, Grandma, and Wednesday. She wasn’t expecting to get any roles but she was happily surprised to recieve the role of Morticia.

“It’s I also did go for once so I went for all three generations.If I didn’t get any of them I wanted to be crew cause I love messing with lights and the soundboard, it’s so fun.” McDougald said.

McDougald had to make a lot of character choices and changes when it comes to her performance. She
also had to learn how to make the character her own.

“Morticia has like this, long paragraph and I also had to learn how to choreograph her song and use
her hands a lot because that’s her song. So I had to learn how to make it my own and be her character.”
McDougald said.


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