Another coat of paint

Students at Wichita West High school come together to spray paint the hump, showing off their creativity and spirit.

  Students at West High in the Fines Art academy spray painted the hump on Tuesday, September 25th. Many students went out to participate in this opportunity. They brought their own templates they created to put on the hump. 

“It feels gratifying turning into a Sophomore and being able to spray paint the hump like some of the others have,” said Jaron Mulins. Students every year get to experience this opportunity. “This is my second year doing this,” said Hannah Robinson.

“It shows peoples school spirit and pride,” said Agnes Anderson. Students were able to spray paint their template they created, on the hump. “It shows peoples creativity,” said Hannah Robinson. Ari Williams and Hannah Robinson said they put “FACA YEAH” on the hump. Agnes Anderson said she put a little pioneer with the class of 2020.

Students were asked if spray painting the hump is important to the school. “I think it’s important, because each generation of students get to do it and we get to leave our mark on the school,” said Ari Williams.


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