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10 tips for surviving your first year of  high school

1.Take courses YOU feel comfortable with. If you’re comfortable with a challenge, take honors classes. If you just want credits, take the regular courses. You’re not “stupid” or “dumb” if you don’t take honors.

2. Get to know the people in your class. If you tend to struggle with some things, it helps to have a friend to help you. This also means staying in a positive light for your teachers. They’re here to help you! 

3. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Not sure what those are? Ask! This is also important for situations where your teacher or friend isn’t available.

4. Pay attention! Goofing off in class will only make it harder for you. It’s also disrespectful to your teacher, which means they might not be as willing to bump a grade (rounding) or give extra credit. This is because it shows them you might not be mature enough to take the steps needed to achieve.

5. Do your homework! Not only is it a way to study, but it’s usually where people fall short on points. By making sure your homework is done, it makes you more likely to have a chance to complete extra credit if you’re still short on points. Also, your homework assignments can be good study tools for later quizzes, tests, and finals. 

6. Show up! If you skip class, you skip out on free education. You’ll be saving your parents money and leaving room for cool benefits later in high school. Some benefits might be having more fun electives, or in my school’s case, pass cards, proctoring, etc.

7. Get to know the credit requirements for your school. Getting your credits completed quickly- by passing the class- leaves extra room for the benefits mentioned above.

8. Join clubs. Not only does it round you out as a person, clubs can be fun. In my case, they can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. You don’t necessarily have to join a sport. And, you might be able to make your own club. 

9. Make memories! If things are bad at home, you can make sure to relieve stress by having fun at school. That’s right, you can have fun at school by participating in your school’s spirit week, volunteering for events they have (blood drives, etc.), and showing school spirit. Who knows? You might end up in the yearbook!

10. Be yourself and cut ties with toxic relationships. This can be tough. By recognizing that some people aren’t on the same path as you, you could be doing yourself a favor. This also means recognizing any toxic behavior you’re exhibiting.


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