Gearing Up For Homecoming

Next Monday marks the start of Spirit Week, a school-wide activity meant to get the school excited for Homecoming. The idea is to dress up in a certain theme each day, to show school spirit.

Monday is Character Day, where you dress up as your favorite character, whether its from a book, movie, T.V. show, movie, etc.

Tuesday is Twin Day, where you and a friend dress the same for a day.

Wednesday is Meme Day, where you pick a meme and dress like the person/ thing in that meme (For example, you could dress as Kermit the frog and carry a mug around all day).

Thursday is Inside Out/ Backward Day, where you wear your clothes inside out and/or backward for the day.

Friday is Hawaiian Luau Day, where you dress in Hawaiian-themed clothes. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate, and on Friday we’ll have a pep rally, where the grade levels compete to win the Spirit Stick by trying to be louder and generally peppier than the other grade levels. 


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