Luck of the 1988

Six alumni students from the class of 88′ talked of some old times during the first football game of the year.

Everybody loves a good throwback, remembering the good old days. With football season kicking off this week, West High played against Hutchinson on August 31, 2018. This wasn’t only the first game played at Friends University after 30 years, but the Pioneers played against the same team. 

During the game, Ganeen Givens, Tracy Harrison, Shawna Schneider, Karyl Rose, Michelle Adams, and Towanda Harin attended the football game that night. These ladies weren’t just part of the crowd, they attended West High during the graduating class of 1988. “Being here and watching the cheerleaders reminds me of my cheer days,” said Ganeen Givens. These ladies attended the last game at Friends University, during their high school years, they were apart of cheer, band and one of them even married the star quarterback of the 1988 football team. 

West High once again won again against Hutch, proving that the luck of the 88’ strikes one last time.


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