The West basketball team has their first game against Heights High School at West High at 7:30p.m on Friday November 30th .

Athletes on the team this basketball season are:

Varsity/ Junior Varsity:                     Freshman/ sophomore:

Kyriq Barksdale 12th                                           Sundale Buggs 10th

Tykwon branch 12th                                           Isaiah Coleman 10th

Gabe Gascon 12th                                               Anthony Gascon 10th

Milan Jenkins 12th                                              Kjole Kirkendoll 10th

Garrett Miller 12th                                             Zontrell Luster 10th

Zion Parks-Jackson 12th                                     Xavier Martinez 10th 

Jaelyn Saulsberry 12th                                       Chris Orme 10th         

Chraun Welch 12th                                             Keishon Montegomery 10th

Cavion Williams 12th                                         Quintavious Quinn 10th

Joaquin Gonzales 11th                                       Naelin Walker 10th         

Joeinus Rivers 11th                                             Jahlel Brundidge 9th

Kelvin Saulsberry 11th                                      Damien Bryant 9th

Keith gray 10th                                                    Mikayel Foster

Tykeem Hopson 10th                                         Valincio Hill 9th

J’Qwon Johnson 10th                                         Esau kates-Muguia 9th

Aj McCullough 10th                                           Angel Loza 9th

Geremiah moore 9th                                         Zavion Parks 9th

                                                                                Steve Ridpath 9th            

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