What to do if there is a medical emergency during class

In the case of an emergency during class, following the instructions below can only help the situation.

As is the case for any event in which consequences could be major, it’s very important to stay as calm as possible.

According to CAPE Assistant Principal Larry Sadd, the first thing to do is send someone to get a teacher, and check for breathing. If they are not breathing, call 911 right away. If there is breath, press the call button (pictured below), or wait for the teacher’s verdict. The call button is a small switch linked to the intercom in all classrooms, and it connects to the main office. It’s normally located by a door, and you press it to communicate with the office.

After getting help, the next step is to follow instructions. Whether they are from an emergency operator or a teacher, it doesn’t matter, because chances are, they’ve been trained on what to do in such situations.

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