Month: April 2019

  • Last Hoorah!

    Last Hoorah!

    The class of 2019 were undefeated this year after winning all four of the pep assemblies. Their legacy began in 2015 when they became the first freshmen to ever win the spirit sick in a pep assembly. Before the end of each pep assembly, each graduating class competes for the famous spirit stick. The goal?…

  • The Day Of Silence:

    The Day Of Silence:

    How it started and how it impacts LGBTQ+ Youth today The Day of Silence is a national awareness day in the month of April to spread awareness to LGBTQ+ students that are bullied and have no voice in schools across the nation. The Day of Silence was created by Maria Pulzetti in 1996. Pulzetti was…

  • Pioneer Productions: Episode 2
  • Did Thor Just Land on Our Roof?

    Brief power surge interrupts internet access and usage Students and staff alike were caught by surprise due to the abrupt loss of power this morning. Although the exact cause is not known, several students thought the incident was a blackout. However, according to several security guards and hall monitors, it was simply a power surge.…