Senior Prank, a little too far

The senior prank happened Saturday May, 11 around at 9:00 after the Star Shine concert. The senior prank was taken place in D hall, A hall, and some classrooms. Ms. Murray was in contact with two students so they can be allowed to do the prank. Ms. Murray expected more from the 2019 students that participated. ” I don’t necessarily liked it, but I liked it for the most part.” Murray said.

Although there were other staff members who were also involved with the situation, like Mr. McCarty who was there to supervise. Mr. Hudson on the other hand reacted to seeing his halls full of eggs, syrup and toothpaste. “Sadly, we had some kids that didn’t follow our guidelines.”

Sunday morning the head custodian Billy McPherson had to clean some of the mess. He also says that expected more from the students but he didn’t mind certain things. Seniors could have damaged the floors and wall with the supplies they used. ” if it want to do it, you know, please plan accordingly…” McPherson said.

“2019 graduates may have ruined the senior prank for future graduates.” Murray said.


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