Familiar Grounds

New Principal, Mark Jolliffe, has big shoes to fill after West High’s former Principal of 8 years, Joel Hudson, retired last year.

Mark Jolliffe started his career as an 8th grade Science Teacher at Wilbur Middle School, moved to West High as an Assistant Principal for 3 years, then Marshall Middle School as a Principal for 4 years, back to Wilbur as a Principal for 10 years, and is now back at West High as our new Principal.

  “I spent 20 years at Wilbur and 7 years in between at different places” Jolliffe says  “It’s kinda funny how my career has rotated around full circle again back to West”

Jolliffe said that he has been wanting to come back to West High.  

“Being able to come back would be exciting, because I knew people, I knew the building, I knew the culture, and I knew the kids.” Jolliffe said “What I like about high school is the traditions and seeing the kids go from a Freshman to a Senior and graduating.” 

During his 3 years as an Assistant Principal, he helped introduce the Academy System to West High. 

“When we were starting to develop the Academies, we were trying to find things that would fit our students and trying to find things that would also fit in our community.” Jolliffe said.

“This year is where there will be some learning for me” Jolliffe said. “But also listening to you guys and the staff to see what we can do better.” 


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