West allowed to host prom in April

Royalty at the last prom to be held at West High, in the spring of 2019.

After some uncertainty, West High will be allowed to participate in a COVID-conscious prom at the school on April 24th. Prom will be held in one of the gyms at the building. 

Juniors and seniors are welcome to attend as well as seniors who finished classes in January. Attendees will be allowed to invite students from other high schools as well as 2020 graduates to attend as guests.

Last year, prom was one of many events cancelled in the early days of the pandemic. There was uncertainty whether we would be allowed to host a prom this year as well but some students, like Derek Perry, thinks prom is an important tradition to hold onto. 

“Prom really is, to me, making those memories and connections not really about the dance itself.” Perry said, “It’s more of  what I can do with my friends and what we can reminisce about in the future.”

Prom sponsor and history teacher Renee Norris expressed that it’s also important we have this event. 

 “I feel like it’s even more important this year for y’all because you have had to deal with a lot, between this year and last year it’s time to have a little celebration.” Norris said, “I think we deserve it.” 

With COVID restrictions still in place, masks will be required, as well as sanitation stations when you enter and social distancing enforced as much as possible. Juniors and seniors chose a theme between tropical, cosmic galaxy, Hollywood and others. Hollywood won over 60% of the votes making the theme for this year’s prom a red carpet hollywood style.

Prom is one of many events to be confirmed for the 4th quarter which were in question. Senior project presentations, West Fest, and graduation have all been confirmed as well, with dates set.

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