West High esports has a successful first season.

Wichita West High Esports team has had a commendable season this spring. The gamers play Overwatch and Valorant against other teams nationwide. 

“I was excited but also nervous at the same time because I wasn’t sure how everyone else was going to be reacting to each other while playing “ says sophomore Dakodah LaRosa. 

The team has three-hour practices Tuesday- Friday. 

“There is nothing bad about esports, but constant practice can be tedious at times.” But all the hard work and dedicated hours paid off when their varsity team went 13-2 and Junior Varsity shocked when they started  0-5 then made a comeback of 13-5. Dakodah says he was excited “Usually whenever you think of a JV (Junior Varsity) team it’s mid-level or below level and so far we’re pretty high on rankings”. 

Both varsity and Junior Varsity have improved since they first started. “First, we were not very well coordinated, just all over the place but now, during the spring major we’ve won two games so far, versus other majors, we’re 1-0 “ LaRosa says. “this season was much better than we were before”. 


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