Las Cazuelas review

A Lesser known restaurant named Las Cazuelas, located on the South side of Wichita. Looking at Las Cazuelas off of Harry, the tan and red building doesn’t look like much. However, once I walked inside the appeal of this restaurant became more clear. Las Cazuelas is clean inside and the workers use disinfectant spray on the tables and the counters. The workers wear their mask correctly at all times. They sell a variety of food such as burritos, tortas, seafood, quesadilla, nachos , flautas, and refreshments that are made fresh and on the spot. Las Cazuelas workers are very consistent with their service. 

9am-9pm every weekday

8am-9pm on weekends. 

Closed on tuesdays. 

901 E Harry St, 

Wichita, KS 67211

Cash only

(316) 264-1424

When I went to Las Cazuelas, I was quickly greeted by workers. I ordered a large horchata with carne asada tacos. The food was made fresh on the spot. Compared to restaurants like Taco Shop and Taco Bell, l would pick Las Cazuelas over them because the food is better for the price and I love how crispy it is .  The size of the drink and tacos are worth the price you pay for them. When I took my first bite I noticed how well the food was seasoned and how crispy the meat was. The first sip of the horchata was amazing and well mixed with all the right ingredients. Out of most restaurants, Las Cazuelas is by far my favorite place to go to get a horchata. In my opinion, this restaurant is better than other restaurants in Wichita.


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