Culture Shock

By Nevaeya Lotches and Malinda Roland

Wichita Public Schools are very familiar with the bizarre nature the past year, this year feels now that everyone is back in school. West High School has freshmen, sophomores, who may not have been in school in person last year, and teachers that are new to this school and has a spirit that is sometimes hard to adjust to.

Many people know how difficult West High and it’s hallways are difficult to navigate the first few times. It’s a common problem between both the students and the staff.

Newcomer teacher, Cassandra Addington who teaches culinary here, shared her experience navigating the halls the first few days at West.“I didn’t really know what I was walking into or how the school was. I remember the first time I came here and coming down that long hallway and I had gotten lost. Well I have done alot better now, but in the first four or five days I was here, I would get lost all the time,” 

While the new staff have been navigating the halls, freshmen have been doing the same and have been adjusting to the new environment here at West. According to a recent West Word survey, 53 out of 125 people had a positive impression of West. For some the change has been a major shock, some not so much.

“It was not that big of a shock because I’m already kind of used to it.” Freshman, Mahogany McDougle said “But I guess finding classes were harder.”

Aside from the building and hall differences there’s also lots of other differences that people have found while working at West or attending West high for the first time. For Mr. White, the way West is operates isn’t traditional to him.

“One of the differences here at West, obviously it’s a little bit smaller not quite as many kids, and some of the focus of like student management is a little bit different.” Paul White who teaches Production Welding and Machine Tool Tech states.

Overall the school is like home to the new teachers and students. Building on relationships that are formed at West seems to stick more than anything.

“Everyone here is really really nice. So polite, the students. Teachers are very very helpful to new teachers. I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I don’t know, I really like it here. It feels like home.” Maddie Gallagher who teaches World History and two Psychology classes states.


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