Misleading Covid Posters

Around West High there have been multiple sightings of anti vaccine posters. These posters tend to have misleading information, the posters have been encouraging people to disregard wearing their masks. Other posters have even encouraged people to be against vaccinations. Some anonymous west high students had this to say about the posters:

“I don’t like that they’re up. I know people have a right to express their own opinion but it is targeted to conflict with high school students and make them believe the vaccine is bad.”

“I think they are very dumb since the vaccine has already been FDA approved and would help reduce numbers of covid.”

“I don’t think it is okay for people to put these up in a public place, especially a school. People are allowed to have their own opinions, but you can’t force them on other people, it is especially wrong to try to influence young adults like this.”

“I think its dumb, putting up these stickers and posters talking about the vaccine and saying dont get it because of all these non reliable possibilities, and i feel like its mimicking pro life, because it says “my body, my choice” and using it as if it means something to the vaccine, but no, it means a whole different meaning.”

“They are dumb but it is true. The statement my body my choice is a true and accurate statement for everyone.’’

“I don’t like it at all. I also saw the poster with the gun and saying `this is your defense to forced vaccination.’”


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