Unofficial social media accounts leave questionable impact

Social media trends, such as instagram pages similar to “wwhs_slumped”  have had a lot of influence on the West high community.

Trends like the “Devious Licks” and the more recent west high instagram accounts have upsetted some of our West High students. The owner spoke on behalf of their page where they post pictures of West High students sleeping. 

“I saw a tik tok one day, one night and I searched instagram to see if we had one, and we didn’t got one so I made one and the photos started coming in.”

After creating the account he came to a realization of the impact his account has had on his community in the classroom.

“I think that my page may look bad on West High but in West high, I think it helps a little bit with the sleeping because kids don’t want to sleep in class and some still don’t, if you sleep in class then you’re gonna get posted on this page,” said the owner. 

The instagram page seems to have over 120 pictures of students sleeping. From sleeping in class to sleeping in their cars in the student parking lot. Some of the students didn’t find it as funny as others when they were posted. 

“I don’t think they should be doing it, posting people without their consent. I don’t see the point of the page, I think they should delete it. There are some people who take it serious(ly),” Ochoa said, “ they had to argue about it, he or she said if you don’t want to be posted then stop sleeping in class.”

When confronted about posts, the owner said he didn’t have an issue with taking down the picture.

“I just saw it as a joke, there was nothing that really came out of it, if people wanted their photo taken down, then I deleted it out of respect for them,” said the owner.

The page has over 400 followers but only around 60 people seem to like the photos they post. Although kids seemed to realize that they’re not the only ones sleeping in class, they still didn’t want to be caught sleeping. 

“I’ve walked past conversations of people saying, I ain’t sleeping in class cause I don’t want to get caught on the west high page,” Owner said, “ and then they didn’t sleep at all and I haven’t seen them sleep’’

 The students no longer wanting to be asleep in the classroom has caused them to engage more in class, but the owner of the account seemed to notice how sleeping in class can affect you. 

“I think it’s kind of sad that people don’t value their time in school, like they don’t see school as a place to get education, to get jobs, to get money, to get a life. They just see this place as a place they have to come to because their parents make them and then they just slack off in school and don’t graduate,” said the owner.  

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