Powder puff

By Nevaeya Lotches and Malinda Roland

Powder Puff came back to West High this year, having roles reversed. 

It gives the girls a chance to play football and the boys a chance to hype the crowd. With this being the seniors last year it gave them a chance to bond and have an overall good time.

West doesn’t normally participate in this tradition however, Taji Thomas hopes West high continues to have Powder Puff games. 

“I want to do it again. But sadly, I’m a senior. So, you know, it’s not going to happen with me again.” Thomas said. 

Even though this is the last year, It is still undecided who won because both teams claim that the other team cheated. 

“The seniors lost, we did way better. Your defense sucked your offense was horrible.” Dru Johnson Said, “Cheaters never win, which is why we won.”

The seniors and juniors continued with a disagreement on who was the better team.

 “Juniors lost, seniors won, Juniors were cheating period.” Derek Perry said, “Simple as that.”

Even though it still is not clear who won. Thomas felt everyone did the best they could. 

“There’s no I in team. Everybody did a part, and I feel like they did what they were taught and we were all coachable.” Thomas said.


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