Rubio’s Last Dance

By: Nevaeya Lotches

Stepping into wrestling in her Senior year of high school Ruby
Rubio is planning on winning state. For the past 4 years of
high school she has been balancing Track, Cross Country,
Orchestra, Managing for the Football team and Wrestling.
Juggling so many different activities might be a challenge.
Ruby made regionals in Wrestling last year.
“Last year I was close, I made it to regionals but not so close
to state.” Rubio said.
Time management is considered a key component to success,
however practicing is just as important, Rubio has seen
improvement in herself over her three years of wrestling and
even aims to get better in her off-season by being in the weight
room and practicing wrestling over summer.
“Well, she’s gotten a little bit bigger, when she first started
wrestling for us she probably weighed 90 pounds and she’s
gotten stronger. She’s worked really hard in the off-season,
especially in the weight room. She wrestled a lot this summer,
freestyle Greco, which is the style wrestling Olympics, and
she’s just really committed to being the best she can be. And
that’s unusual to do that outside of practice.” Wrestling Coach
Jason Brown said.
Wrestling is not the only sport Rubio has improved on over
time. Rubio was close to qualifying for state in Cross Country
last year but this year was a different story.
“She improved a lot. Last year she was very close to qualifying
for State as an individual. This year she had some injuries but
competed very well and really improved and was a great leader
for our team,” Cross Country Coach Michael Bredehoft said.
While being injured during her cross country season she
continued to keep on exercising so she could be ready to run
at her full potential.
“While I was injured during Cross Country season I still
exercised and kept active to keep the progress of my
conditioning, so when I came back from my injury I still had
some of my physical endurance and muscle to be able to build
it back up again close to how it was before the injury,” Rubio
With this being her last year at West she wants to encourage
everyone to create memories.
“Make the most out of your senior year because it’s your last
year to make count.” Rubio said.


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