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  • The ACT and you; a Junior’s guide to success

    The ACT and you; a Junior’s guide to success

    The ACT is a standardized test that is used to enter most colleges in the United States. The ACT has four multiple choice sections – English, Math, Reading, and Science – with an optional fifth test, Writing, which typically costs extra. The composite score is the average score of the four test scores. Each test…

  • Fresh Tips, Man

    Fresh Tips, Man

    10 tips for surviving your first year of  high school 1.Take courses YOU feel comfortable with. If you’re comfortable with a challenge, take honors classes. If you just want credits, take the regular courses. You’re not “stupid” or “dumb” if you don’t take honors. 2. Get to know the people in your class. If you…

  • Mass Shootings: A Rising Concern

    Mass Shootings: A Rising Concern

    One of the latest in a long string of mass shootings took place on Sunday, August 26th, in Jacksonville Landing, Florida. David Katz, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland bought two guns, one with a laser sight attached, to injure nine and murder three, making it the two hundred and thirty-fourth mass shooting this year. As…